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Jazz in the Caribbean and Caribbean Jazz: on the record.
Issue #7 (Apr. 2019) Janysett McPherson. A Guantanamera on the Côte d'Azur. And more stories that chronicle jazz in the Caribbean and Caribbean Jazz.
  • Mark Cherrie Quartet: A new repertoire for pan is explored on the new UK jazz album, Joining the Dots.
  • Souvenir programme for Jazz Artists on the Greens™ 2018: A 17th Edition in Trinidad
  • Clive Zanda Is Here: Liner Notes: The album that was the proof of concept of kaisojazz is reissued in 2017 with an essay.
  • Re-imagining Recollected Memories: A contemplation of the new Etienne Charles jazz album, Carnival, an identification of a heritage that sustains.


Jazz in the Islands magazine – print and digital – is dedicated to compiling and reviewing Caribbean jazz music, musicians and festivals throughout the islands

Jazz in the Islands serves as a fillip to the dearth of collated information on Caribbean Jazz CD releases, artists and reviews of festivals and showcases in the Caribbean featuring this fusion exercise we call "jazz." This music never gets old so the joy in reminiscing is real and productive.

Jazz in the Islands is published by Jett Samm Publishing.

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